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If you’re upgrading an existing phone system you may be able to upgrade your entire office with little or no up-front cost. 

Hundreds of small and mid-sized companies trust  Microserve  to  handle  their business Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phone service. Microserve offers reliable, robust & price competitive VoIP service and can custom fit a pricing solution for your company.


 Microserve’s data center is located at one of the largest Internet backbones in the Northeast which means better performance and greater reliability for your business. 

Microserve offers everything from small Business Internet & Business VoIP Phone bundles to high powered Gigabit data connectivity for complex corporate installations. 

Cloud Computing

Microserve has partnered with Amazon Web Services as is pleased to provide direct, private, high speed fiber access to the Amazon (AWS) Cloud to customers.

Cloud computing provides simple and flexible access to servers, databases and other services over the internet. All this without the upfront cost of server hardware, maintenance and energy consumption. 

Pay as You Grow

 Business comes in all shapes and sizes, so shouldn't your business VoIP phone and business internet service be tailored specifically to your needs? The competition likes to charge excessive setup fees, provide you with more equipment or service then you need, or even try to fit you into one of those one-size-fits all bundles. While these tactics benefit the service providers, it doesn't really do much for you as a business, the result is a less personal experience and more often then not, fiscal waste, that could otherwise be spent on marketing, R&D or even one of those fancy new chairs for your office.When you work with Microserve, you're gaining a trusted business partner, and that means you get a customized solution that's the right fit for your business now and scalable enough to grow with your business in the future. You never pay for more then you need and you get a customized business VoIP phone and business internet solution that's as unique as your business. 

Our Customers Tell The Story

 Microserve supports hundreds of clients in the Tri-State area and coast-to-coast in just about every Industry that requires a dial-tone and a web browser to do business. Take a look at some of our customer testimonials to see exactly how we've helped hundreds of businesses just like yours. 

The Microserve Difference

Why Services from Microserve?

 At Microserve we recognize that today's Business VoIP Phone and Business Internet Services are the most important tools you have in your company.

This is why we're committed to providing you with superior technology and reliability, outstanding customer service, and a flexible customized pricing solution that you would expect from a trusted business partner. 

Superior Technology

 Each and every day at Microserve our technical professionals are scouring the industry for the latest products, service and technology offerings to ensure that you're Business VoIP Phone and Business Internet service from Microserve is exceedingly reliable and packed with exciting features.Inside Microserve's headquarters, we've built a best-in-class data infrastructure to support over 30,000 handsets and 1 Billion calls annually from coast to coast. Our technicians are monitoring Microserve's dedicated VoIP and data networks 24/7/365 to pro-actively ensure that there are never any surprises and that you receive the most reliable, highest quality service possible. 

Customer Service

 A lot of companies talk about providing great customer service, but at Microserve we walk the walk. From the first time you speak with a Microserve solution expert you'll realize that Microserve is different from the competition. At Microserve we're exceedingly passionate about developing a solution to your business problem no matter what the size. Whether you need help outfitting a 40 story office building or just need a quick reminder on how to check your voicemail from home no question is too large or too small for Microserve to handle. We realize that our success is a result of your success which is why we'll always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. 

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